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Oklahoma State Testing Program (OSTP)
Oklahoma Alternate Assessment Program (OAAP) Portfolio

The purpose of the OSTP is to assess students mastery of the Oklahoma Academic Standards. The OAAP Portfolio is an assessment developed for a small population of students with the most significant cognitive disabilities whom the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team has determined to be unable to participate in the general assessment, even with accommodations.

The assessment can be aligned to teaching strategies in the classroom and used as a measure to determine progress on goals and objectives identified in the IEP. The OAAP Portfolio is an alternate state assessment for which the test administrator (usually the student’s teacher) collects pieces of evidence that demonstrate the student’s skills based on State academic standards. The OAAP Portfolio is used to assess subject areas in Grades 3–8 and EOI’s in English II, Algebra I, Biology I, U.S. History, Algebra II, Geometry, and English III.

  • The OAAP Spring Administration is for grades 3-8 and EOI.
    The OAAP Winter Administration is only for EOI students who are Second Time Testers and/or seniors.

This site provides helpful OAAP resources such as manuals, training presentations, and templates. See the 'Support' tab above.


OAAP Spring 2014 Clean Up Window
  • There has been a change in the process for data clean up for the OAAP Portfolio.
    You will NOT be able to complete data clean up in the Pearson Access System.
    See information below from Office of Accountability.

OAAP Records are now available for corrections
  • The OAAP Testing Data Correction window is now open. To view and/or correct your OAAP data, please use the Accountability (A-F Report Cards) application in your Single Sign-On ( After logging in, click on “My District/School” in the blue banner at the top of your screen, choose a school, and choose the menu option labeled “Data Corrections and Student Assessments.” This is the same tool that is being used for the OCCT and EOI data corrections.

    If you have already finished corrections for OCCT and EOI, please make sure to check your correction list again, as there may be additional corrections identified for the OAAP test records. The OAAP correction window will be open until July 14, after which no further corrections can be made.

    The correction process is identical to the OCCT and EOI correction process. Below is a link to the instructional manual and a training webcast that explain how to use the data correction application. If you have any questions regarding the data correction process, please contact the Office of Accountability at 405-522-5169.

    Training manual
    Training webcast